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The Rosewood Fall
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Date:2005-04-30 21:55
Subject:TRF this monday in LA!!

Rosewood will be playing the
Troubadour in Los Angeles on Monday, May 2nd at 10:30pm.
The best part is that the show is FREE, unless you're under
21 and then it's $3.

If you have any questions at all about the show or anything
else please email your question to info@rosewoodfall.com

Spread the word on this show and go :)

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Date:2005-04-21 16:36
Subject:Rosewood & Santa Barbara High Schools

This week The Rosewood Fall will be playing 4 of Santa Barbara’s main highschools in support of their all ages show Friday night called The Speak Out. The show friday night is all ages and is at the Carillo Rec Center on Carillo downtown. The show starts at 7!

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Date:2005-03-03 20:00

Starting Wednesday March 2nd, TRF is starting a fund-raiser to help raise money for “Bridges of Hope” in South Africa. (www.bridges-of-hope.org)

So many Rosewood fans contact and ask how they can ‘help out.’ Well here’s your chance to not only help with something that’s important to us, but get your hands on some very rare Rosewood Fall recordings:

Bridges of Hope is a social-action organization dedicated to helping in the fight against AIDS in Africa. Their team in South Africa is working to unite community members, volunteers, and local churches in a grass-roots community tranformation effort. Right now the founders Dennis and Susan Wadley along with their team of locals and Americans, are in the process of new undertaking to build a large orphanage facility called “Hope Ranch” to help compensate for the very primative and dangerous facilities that now exist for children who are orphaned by parents who have succumb to the AIDS virus.

How can you help us raise money? Starting today, all the proceeds from The Rosewood Fall’s EP “Demonstrate” as well as all T-shirt sales will go to Bridges Of Hope to help build “Hope Ranch,” their new orphange facility. The fundraiser will end next Sunday, the 13th of March. Here’s where the fans benefit: With every “Demonstrate” order OR T-shirt order you will recieve an extra LIMITED EDITION CD with 3 unreleased Rosewood Fall songs, including the tracks “Last Dance” and two BRAND new tunes. These songs will only be available for the next week and then they’re back in the vaults! If you haven’t yet picked up your copy of ‘Demonstrate’ now is definitely the time. If you already have it, pick up a T-shirt and get the new 3 song disc as well. So go now!

Thanks again for being the best fans out there!

Much Love. TRF

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Date:2005-02-28 17:53

Upcoming shows:

March 8th at The Velvet Jones for the “Oz for a Cause” benefit concert.
All proceeds go to the Surfrider Foundation.

April 1st with No Doubt’s side project “Oslo” at the Velvet Jones in Santa Barbara. Oslo includes No Doubt’s drummer and keyboard player.

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Date:2005-02-27 18:26

If you're a rosewood fall fan - this is the place for you :)
Feel free to post about anything rosewood fall.

- nicole

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