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The Rosewood Fall

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Welcome to The Rosewood Fall Community.
Everyone is welcome so please come and join in the fun!

The Rosewood Fall are a rocking band out of California
currently on Machine Shop.

SxBenjamin - Vocals, Guitar
Jim Roach - Guitar
Eric Palmquist - Bass
Joel Pierson - Synths and Samples
Dan Patterson - Drums

Website: www.rosewoodfall.com
Listen to songs: www.myspace.com/therosewoodfall
Buy merch: www.rosewoodfall.com/merchandise.html

Official Bio:
The Rosewood Fall are exactly what a band should be. What is it that keeps a group of musicians together through thick and thin, keeps them from burning out on the frustrations of music industry letdowns and the stresses that come along with a career that holds little promise of anything resembling the myth of "rock and roll glory"? In the case of The Rosewood Fall, the answer is a dedication to perseverance, a tireless work ethic, and a deep love for creating music that blends life and art in a skillful and infectious way. Sx Benjamin Holsteen and Eric Palmquist met in their freshman year dorm at Westmont College. Their Midwestern roots and mutual love for all things rock were enough for a fast bond to form. By the end of that year they had begun to play music together. A rotating cast of characters would fill the other slots in the band until the current lineup was solidified (Jim, who now plays guitar, actually played drums for an early line-up of The Rosewood Fall).

In late fall/early winter of 2002, Ben and Eric recruited Jim Roach and Dan Patterson to fill out the line-up of the band for recording a demo, with the intention of seeking label interest. Jim was involved in another long-term project at the time, and Dan had been around the block, so to speak, with a former band and wasn't too convinced that he wanted to pursue music anymore at all, when Ben and Eric approached them, but both agreed to play on the demo. What came out of those sessions were three songs that genuinely exceeded the expectations of everyone involved. When the demo was completed, everyone agreed that there was something special in the chemistry between the four musicians and agreed to continue to play together on a temporary basis and see how things went.

In early 2003, Jim was at breakfast with former band-mate and old friend, Phoenix from Linkin Park, and told him about the new band that he had just recorded with. After breakfast Jim, Phoenix, and two other friends piled in a car and listened to the new demos, after which Phoenix asked if he could hold onto the copy. A few weeks later a meeting was set up between Phoenix and The Rosewood Fall where the band was offered a deal with Machine Shop Records. After a week or two of consideration the band agreed to sign.

After signing to Machine Shop, The Rosewood Fall, with a finally solidified line-up began to write and demo new songs. The new music that they were turning out was fresh and exciting for all of them, but they quickly began to feel sonically limited by the standard 2 guitars, bass, drums, and voice format. In the fall of 2003, the band brought Joel Pierson, longtime friend and musical collaborator/co-conspirator on board as full time member, covering the realm of synthesizers and samples for the band. With the addition of Joel, The Rosewood Fall has continued to grow and develop a style that is uniquely their own. In May of 2004, they released their 'Demonstrate' E.P. and are planning a tour for the new album.